The History of Venetian Blinds as told by TLC Blinds in a short story. We like to end off with a sweet deal, get yourself a discount of 20% off your approved blinds quotation, read on to learn and find out more.

And so the story on the origin of Venetian Blinds begins. Since TLC Blinds have been hanging Venetian Blinds all over Cape Town year after year after year, perhaps some believe us to be the origin of Venetian Blinds, is that where they really come from? 😉

Contrary to popular belief, Venetian Blinds originated not in Venice but rather it is said that in ancient times the Egyptians would gather and construct reeds to decorate and shade their homes, similarly the Chinese have been said to use similar techniques with bamboo, interestingly, bamboo is still commonly used to make window blinds even today.

Another extract from the “digital history books” is that Venetian blinds actually originated in Persia. It is said that Venetian traders discovered the window blinds in Persia and brought the innovative idea to Venice and to France.

Our school of thought is that they may indeed originate from TLC Blinds in Tokai, Cape Town as our stocks seem to keep replenishing them-selves whenever we run low, as if some sort of magic. It’s actually just a well oiled machine, we have the Cape Town blinds industry under control!

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