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Sunscreen Roller Blinds – The Movie

By |2018-10-30T12:31:07+00:00Oct 30th, 2018|Roller Blinds, sunscreen roller blinds|

Watch this short intro movie on TLC Blinds recently fitted Sunscreen Roller Blinds. Smart, elegant and easy to operate. Contact us for more info on colours & options. Get yours at TLC Blinds in Tokai. Watch our short sunscreen roller blinds movie here.

Blinds that still enable you see to outside – Sunscreen Roller Blinds

By |2018-10-17T19:19:56+00:00Oct 17th, 2018|Roller Blinds, sunscreen roller blinds|

You don't need to block out the beautiful Cape Town views 100% this summer, order sunscreen roller blinds instead of blockout roller blinds and still enjoy the view. Order yours now before we close our pre-Christmas orders.

Blinds for your baby’s room

By |2018-07-11T13:04:55+00:00Jul 11th, 2018|Roller Blinds, Window Blinds|

We've got window blinds for all requirements. Have a look at this recent installation of block out roller blinds for a baby's room. Keeping the room dark during nap time is as important for your toddler a it is from Mommy & Daddy. Contact us to find out more about roller blind colours and [...]

Blockout Roller Blinds in Cape Town

By |2018-03-09T16:38:29+00:00Mar 9th, 2018|Roller Blinds|

These Blockout Roller Blinds we recently installed are great for keeping the light and the heat of the sun out of your home in the hot summer months. They come in a wide range of colours and styles and we professionally custom fit them into your home or office. Find out more about roller blinds [...]

Kitchen Blinds for your home – Sunscreen Roller Blinds

By |2018-02-05T08:40:05+00:00Feb 5th, 2018|Roller Blinds, sunscreen roller blinds|

These Sunscreen Roller Blinds are the perfect kitchen blinds if your kitchen is too bright and hot in the summer time. They're elegant and simple, which means they're a perfect match for many decor styles. They work to keep out much of the sunlight and most of the heat so your kitchen and home is [...]

Blockout Roller Blinds in Cape Town

By |2017-12-11T11:23:29+00:00Dec 11th, 2017|block out blinds, Roller Blinds|

These elegant, stylish block out roller blinds are perfect for your home. They're simple and clean which makes them a great choice for your modern living space. They're designed to keep the sun and the heat of the South African summer out of your home, keeping it cool and pleasant. Contact us now for a [...]

Sunscreen Roller Blinds in time for Summer!

By |2017-11-20T10:40:47+00:00Nov 20th, 2017|Roller Blinds|

TLC Blinds in Cape Town have a great solution for your home for summer. The baking-hot South African sun can make your home so hot in the summer, it is unbearable to be inside! With these Sunscreen Roller Blinds, you're able to drastically reduce the amount of heat and light that enters and as a [...]

Zebra Blinds by TLC Blinds

By |2017-11-14T16:14:09+00:00Nov 14th, 2017|Roller Blinds, Zebra Blinds|

Trendy, unique and interesting, Zebra Blinds from TLC Blinds in Cape Town give you the ultimate in control. Unlike other blinds, zebra blinds let in a small proportion of light, making them perfect for rooms that are too bright in summer. With other blinds, letting in just some of the light is a challenge as [...]