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Find out how to pay less for Block Out Roller Blinds at TLC Blinds

By |2019-11-07T10:42:16+02:00Nov 7th, 2019|block out blinds, Roller Blinds|

Half Way Up, All The Way Down, Block out roller blinds in action, let the photo's do the talking. Order yours very own from TLC Blinds in time for Christmas. [...]

Sunscreen Roller Blinds – block out the sun, not the view.

By |2019-10-17T08:58:17+02:00Oct 17th, 2019|Roller Blinds, sunscreen roller blinds|

Increasingly popular as more and more people get to know about sunscreen roller blinds. These roller blinds screen the sun and create shade inside and block out the rays [...]

Adjust the light with 50mm bamboo venetian blinds

By |2019-09-09T12:38:36+02:00Sep 9th, 2019|block out blinds, Roller Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds|

See how if adjusted you can change the amount of light entering the room. Wooden venetian blinds are versatile so you can adjust the lighting to almost entirely block [...]

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